Personal Care


Assisting with grooming needs
It is important that our clients keep a good hygiene regime. With some elderly and sick clients, this is often neglected. At McGann Family Home Care Services our staff are all trained to do hair care needs, shaving, teeth care and skin care and also supervising and assisting with baths, showers and bed wash. We also offer a hairdressing service we can organise a hairdresser to come to a Clients house.

Assisting with dressing and undressing
The heading explains itself, but with the staff at McGann Family Home Care Services, they will dress and undress in a caring and helpful manner, taking into account any sores, rashes etc, that the client may have.

Assisting with mobilization activities
Elderly or sick people, who are often lying in the same position, for to long, can suffer from bedsores. All our staff are trained in turning and transferring clients when the needs arises.

It is very important, that while a client can walk, it is important that they do so. Our staff at McGann Family Home Care Services, will bring the client out for walks, whether they can walk unaided or with the help of walking aids.

Assisting with toileting
There comes a stage in life where people might not be able to go to the toilet unaided. Our staff at McGann Family Home Care Services, realise this and know that it could be part of their duty and care, whether it is to the toilet or a commode.

Assisting with eating or feeding
As everyone realises, people need food. Often our clients are not in a position to feed themselves. Our staff will assist or feed the client. Our staffs are trained to do this in a patient and caring manner.

Assisting with administering medication
Elderly and often sick clients are sometimes forgetful where medicine is concerned. They might forget to take it, or even worse, accidentally overdose. We tell our staff, at what times and quantity of medication our clients are on. Our staff will make sure that the client takes the right medication at the right time.


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