Routine Housework

Even the simplest jobs around the house can be a major struggle for the sick or elderly. Often the family are too busy with their own lives to have time for household chores.

At McGann Family Home Care Services we have the staff that can clean the house and are trained to do it carefully and quietly so as not to disturb the patient. We also offer a Handyman Service doing odd jobs such as fixing minor plumbing problems, installing hand/bath/shower rails. We also offer outdoor yard work such as cutting lawns, trimming shrubs, raking leaves etc., also planning, cooking and serving meals.

A very dangerous place in the home is the kitchen with boiling water, electric cookers, rings etc. Also, often our patients just cannot cook for themselves. At McGann Family Home Care Services, our staff is capable of cooking a good homemade meal and serving it to our patients.

Monitoring and motivating regular diet plans

What to eat and what not to eat, are often very important for the elderly or sick. If we are giving a diet plan, by our clients, we insure that our staff understand, the diet plan, and follow it to the letter.

Transporting clients to social activities and appointments (doctors, hospital apts. etc)

More and more elderly people have their license not renewed, usually because a doctor feels that they are not capable of driving. They might be healthy and alert in all other aspects. At McGann Family Home Care Services we understand the frustration that this may cause a client. Understandably, a lot of elderly do not, for their own reasons, trust Taxis. At McGann Family Home Care Services we have staff, all with full licenses, who will drive clients to appointments.


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